hyun soo choi.

Industrial designer

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Himade Humidifier

Mass production completed

Client - Lotte HiMart
Project director - Joongho Choi
Product Design - Hyunsoo Choi, Junho Shin
Photo - Sangpil Lee
HIMADE’, a PB brand specialized in home appliances, organized by Lotte Hi-Mart (Korea’s leading electronic goods distributor)
launched an ultrasonic humidifier in collaboration with Joongho Choi Studio and Hanil, a manufacturer specialized in home appliances.

HIMADE’s Ultrasonic Humidifier have several features to provide safety, autonomy and to ease usability, considering its usage in houses or workplaces

The first feature is a form-based function to allow easy control of direction of water vapor outlets.
The humidifier’s lid consists of outlet that is designed to be self-rotatable and a transparent bar sitting on the outlet
sliding to left and right, allowing the adjustment of spray’s direction and its amount.

Secondly, the structure and shape for keeping the product clean and hygienic.
This humidifier consists of two parts: a transparent body that is capable to contain a large amount of water, and an opaque part of lid and wires with controllers.
Every part is designed to be dissembled which allows to wash and clean the whole body efficiently and enabled for easy filling and drying the liquid.

Lastly, an intuitive design and simple usability.
The combination of each part is designed by extremely simple lines and therefore possibly harmonizes at any space.
The simple striped pattern applied to the whole exterior creates a guideline of the usage, which was expressed through the appearance of a holder.
Moreover, designing a form that creates a function of diffusing water vapor, buttons to control times, intensity and the body part,
was achieved in a very intuitive way, emphasizing a straightforward usage of the product.

HIMADE  introduction video, filmed on location in Seoul