hyun soo choi.

Industrial designer

Electronic goods, Living products, Furniture, Lighting

ALAKO - Chair


Client - LVI
Project director - Joongho Choi
Product Design - Hyunsoo Choi, Taeno Yoon

ALAKO, designed by the collaboration between Living brand Bover and designer Joongho Choi, is the chair which can be assembled easily to create various combinations by user’s taste.

A fabric cushion is placed on the top of bent pipe-shape legs that give guideline for assembly and this structuredelicately provides sufficient durability to support the weight.

The seat and the back support are merged to a large piece of body to show its volume and texture.
It also exposes the way the seat and the legs are combined, the intuitive, the simple and the cute appearance.

Bover Lounge consists of 276mxm wide, 7m high ceilings, warm fabrics and the harmony of gold and grey to emphasize comfortable and sensitive but strong woman nature.
The Lounge can be divided into three different places. The place where you can feel space and culture, where you can relax and rest and where you can enjoy the contents are those.
This is to aim to give more accessibility to the lounge regardless of the characteristic of the visit and to always give new look and atmosphere to come-back guests.

Alako has its own delicate design which can be described as to be tranquil and intuitive.
Users are able to choose their own colors for body and pipe to create numerous combinations.

Alako, displayed at restaurant Bover Loung.

Alako was gifted from the approach of designer Hyunsoo Choi.
We considered more reasonable assembly than the existing one and to choose fabrics